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Identical Rhyme Definition

What is a Identical rhyme? Uses the same word to rhyme with itself however may hold a different meaning.

An Identical rhyme uses the same word to rhyme with itself however may hold a different meaning. As an example, life rhymes with life and ground can rhyme with ground as an identical rhyme example like the following poetry:

Our world was bound before life
As we live to astound the wife
And we are alive to live this life

You should not confuse an identical rhyme with identical sounding words with different meanings like perfect (verb) and perfect (adjective perf'ect). More information on this is coming soon including identical rhyme schemes, and finding words with identical sounds which you can find on the right side of each word page of What Rhymes With.

Check back often as we are adding a complete poetry section for identical rhymes and every other rhyme type and rhyme scheme available on this website.

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