Speed Cop

The phrase "speed cop" has 2 words, 9 letters with 6 consonants leaving 3 vowels. When pronounced, this sentence has 2 syllables. The users have been able to identify 0 rhymes for this sentence.

Definition of Speed Cop: a policeman who rides a motorcycle (and who checks the speeds of motorists).

Wikipedia suggests: Police Officer Definition: A police officer (also known as a policeman, cop, policewoman, and constable in some forces, particularly in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations) is a warranted employee of a police force.. Wikipedia suggests police officer.

The phrase starts with sp for speed and ends with op for cop.

  • Syllables: 2
  • Words: 2
  • Letters: 9 - Unique Letters Used: (c, d, e, o, p, s)
  • Consonants: 6
  • Vowels: 3

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