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What rhymes with Cairo? Large list of English words and phrases that rhyme with cairo.

Cairo starts with c (ca), ends in o (ro). Rhymes with and sounds like 52 words, but resembles 0 words. It's English, has 5 letters, 2 consonants, 3 vowels. 2 syllables. Cairo is pronounced as kahy-roh, and is a noun.

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  • Meaning of Cairo: the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa; a major port just south of the Nile delta; formerly the home of the Pharaohs.
  • Wikipedia: Cairo Definition: Cairo ( ) is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world and Africa. Its metropolitan area is the 16th largest in the world.. Wikipedia suggests Cairo.

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89 Possible Rhymes For Cairo

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Cairo has 2 syllables, 3 vowels, 2 consonants, and 5 letters.

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